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Research Article | Volume 4 Issue 6 (November, 2023)
The Effect Of An Educational Curriculum On The Performance Of Passing And Scoring Skills In Football Among The Juniors Of Nasiriyah Club
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Nov. 28, 2023
Abstract: The research aimed to develop an educational curriculum focused on enhancing passing and scoring skills in football among junior players at Nasiriyah Club. Additionally, the study sought to analyze the statistical variances between the pre- and post-test results of both the control and experimental groups in terms of passing and scoring abilities. Furthermore, the research aimed to examine the statistical differences between the control and experimental groups in the post-test evaluation of passing and scoring skills among junior players at Nasiriyah Club. The significance of this research lies in the researchers’ endeavor to propose an educational methodology aimed at enhancing the proficiency of passing and scoring skills in junior football players at Nasiriyah Club. The ultimate goal is to address the existing deficiencies in these skills and contribute to the overall advancement of the sport in the future. The researchers have identified a research problem pertaining to the performance of players in different age groups. Specifically, they have observed significant fluctuations in skill performance, which they attribute to a lack of stability. Consequently, the researchers have undertaken a study to address this issue and propose viable solutions. Their approach involves the implementation of an educational curriculum designed to enhance the acquisition of passing and scoring skills in junior football players, with a particular focus on expediting the learning process. The researchers used the experimental method in the method of two equivalent groups (experimental and control). Regarding the research community and sample, the research community consisted of young participants from Nasiriyah Club, specifically those aged 10-12 years during the season of 2022-2023. The total number of players in this community was 26, out of which 20 players were selected to form the research sample. The sample was divided into two groups: a control group and an experimental group, each consisting of 10 players. The researchers employed both random and lottery methods to allocate participants to the respective groups. The sample size constituted 76.92% of the original community. The most important conclusions were that the educational curriculum prepared by the researchers contributed to the development and improvement of learning the skill of passing.
Educational Curriculum
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