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iARCON international LLP is not just a publishing and printing company. We are your dedicated research partner, empowering scholars across the academic and scholarly arena. Forget solutions in bits, we are about holistic support, every step of the way. we take your research and transform it into polished, high-quality publications that command attention. 


Our Core Focus

Within the iARCON framework, three dedicated Scientific Publisher houses operate cohesively. From manuscript development to peer-review, our seasoned team navigates the publishing maze with you. we extend our work’s reach, connecting you with scholars worldwide through our extensive distribution network.


Let go of logistic hassles! We handle printing, digital publishing, and marketing with meticulous care. 


iARCON boasts a vibrant library of 70 open-access, peer-reviewed journals, igniting a global exchange of knowledge without paywalls. Your astounding research deserves a platform that reaches every corner of the world, and IARCON delivers.


IARCON and insight media- where border dissolves and scholarly voice conjoins. Our 70+ open-access journal bridges every region, uniting diverse perspectives to  build a vibrant global research community.


Forget solitary research journeys! at iARCON, your work flourishes in a vibrant ecosystem powered by over 1,000 dedicated editorial team members. experts across different disciplines handpicked for their meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to quality. Your work receives the scrutiny it deserves, from respected scholars across the globe, ensuring its validity and impact. 



Forget about limited reach, ignite global impact: iARCON, born in Kenya in 2020, has quickly blossomed into a thriving scientific research consortium, empowering scholars worldwide. Your transforming research illuminates over 50+ editors and reviewers, ensuring rigorous standards and insightful feedback. see your work shine in 2000+ published articles, each one a stepping stone to academic recognition and career advancement. Connect with our vibrant community through iARCON conferences held alongside esteemed scientific societies. 

We are more than a publisher, it is your global springboard. We support your  research journey, from manuscript development to publication, and champion your success in your field.  where research takes flights, flued by global collaboration and limitless potential. 


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PO Box 101, Nakuru
Email: office@iarconsortium.org

Editorial Office:
J.L Bhavan, Near Radison Blu Hotel,
Jalukbari, Guwahati-India
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