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Research Article | Volume 3 Issue 5 (September, 2022)
Analytical Approach for Predicting Future Municipal Solid Waste Generation: Evidence from India
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Oct. 30, 2022
An integrated sustainable solid waste management system involves a combination of techniques and programs to suit the local needs. The unprecedented production of municipal solid waste (MSW) represents one of the greatest challenges nowadays confronted by waste manager at varying spatial scale around the world and the urban local bodies (ULBs), state and federal governments are very much concerned and place a high priority on managing municipal garbage in order to protect public health, the environment, and natural resources. The situation in the Indian city of Udaipur with regard to SWM is particularly worrying, and it is made worse by rapid population growth and urbanisation. An accurate prediction of the volume of solid waste that will be produced in the future is necessary for establishing suitable plan and procedure of an efficient MSW management system. Therefore, the primary goal of the current work is to create a model for precise MSW generation estimation that aids solid waste-related administrations in improving the design and operation of MSW management systems. Furthermore, the current study's use of a novel analytical technique predicts that by the year 2041, the city will produce about 403 TPD of solid waste. The results will be useful to decision- or policy-makers in the future as they develop long-term planning and design in the SWM system.
Municipal Solid Waste
Population Projection
Waste Quantification
Udaipur City
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