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Research Article | Volume 3 Issue 4 (July, 2022)
US Policy towards ASEAN under Donald Trump’s Administration
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The term of former US President Donald Trump has attracted the attention of many countries around the world, regional and international organizations including ASEAN. In his term, he focused on the role of the Quartet and considered the importance to the bilateral rather than the multilateral, which brought concerns that ASEAN’s central role no longer matters to the United States. However, Trump’s Government has to reconsider its policies as Asia Pacific plays an increasingly important role and China is growing influence in Southeast Asia. Therefore, the US pays attention to ASEAN’s role in the frame of bilateral comprehensive cooperation activities. The US hopes that the support of ASEAN and its regional allies will help successfully implement the Free and Open Indo-Pacific Strategy (FOIP), in response to the “Belt & Road Initiative” (BRI) of China. This paper mentions the role of ASEAN in the US the Free and Open Indo-Pacific Strategy of US policy towards ASEAN under former US President D. Trump.
US policy
Donald Trump
Indo-Pacific Strategy.
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