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Research Article | Volume 3 Issue 3 (May, 2022)
Role of Parents, Family & Primary Learning Centres in Childcare and Protection: A Study with Special Reference to Mizoram, India
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Family is the most basic and primary social unit. For a child, parents are the first teachers who guide and educate the child in every way possible. It is this socialisation of the children given by the parents in the family which moulds the character of the child from a very young age telling them right from wrong, protecting the children from harm and danger thereby providing them with the basic necessities of life and also healthy living. Traditionally in Mizo society, the mother besides child-rearing, took care of her home, juggling multiple tasks in and around the house and in the fields. While she was busy doing household chores, grandmothers and older siblings looked after the small children acting as caretakers and protectors. With the changing nature of family due to various socio-economic factors and with the Government‟s aims at improving the condition of the country‟s assets, i.e. the role of parents childcare and child protection are relevant today regarding children‟s developmental needs and representing their best interests.This paper presents the significant importance of the role of parents, family and primary learning centres like Anganwadi in matters of childcare and protection in Mizoram, India. The paper relies on secondary information collected from the case studies of the department of women and child development and child protection agencies in Mizoram.
Child protection
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