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Research Article | Volume 3 Issue 2 (March, 2022)
An Assessment of Women and Modernity: The Predicaments of Muslim Women in Religious and Social Life and their Prospect from Qur’anic Point of View
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March 31, 2022
This paper, first of all, defines the word „modernity‟. Muslim women are injudicious in many ways by the western scholars such as in their arguments. They said that Muslim women are abandoned from all aspects of social life‟ which is a big impediment for them to become a „modern‟ woman. Muslim women have been imposing to believe this manipulated thought and regrettably they got on to that claims without any prior investigation of Qur‟an and Sunnah. Muslim women‟s unconditional submission to western thoughts and concepts opened a door for the enemies of Islam to make a chink not only on their faith but also on the whole body of Muslim Ummah. However, after sorting this problem among Muslim community, especially among the Muslim women‟s faith, this study tries to pursue an extensive literature review on western writings as well as few Muslim writings to dig out the main fact. As an expected outcome of the present study, the paper attempts to achieve the justification of this work by removing all misconceptions inside Muslim women‟s heart relating to their rights and values. Adding on to this, the study also prescribes to the „Muslim women‟ the way how they can be „modern‟ from the Qur‟anic Perspective.
And Qur‟an.
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