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Research Article | Volume 2 Issue 5 (September, 2021)
Attitude towards Yoga Practice among College Students With Regard To Gender, Residence and Stream Of Study
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Yoga, one of the oldest disciplines of India, is defined as the “cessation of the modification of the mind” by Patanjali-the pioneer of classical yoga. Yoga associates itself with the aid of an active mental, physical and spiritual practice. Yoga prepares to make life ameliorate. Vedas mention that the ultimate goal of yoga practices is to reach the ultimate state of self-realization. People use it for developing intelligence, memory and creativity. With its assorted perks it is turning to be a part of education. Specialists use yoga to unfold deeper and inner layers of consciousness to achieve their move in the direction of spirituality. The aim of yoga is to keep mind and body healthy. The present work aims at studying the attitude towards Yoga Practice among College students with regard to Gender, Residence and Stream of study. The sample consists of 570 Under Graduate students of Purulia districts. The survey method has been adopted for the present study. Stratified random sampling technique has been used in selecting the samples. The researcher has used a well-designed questionnaire, to collect data. The results revealed that both male and female students do not differ significantly to the attitude towards yoga practice. It was also noticed that students belonging from urban areas tend to possess a more favourable attitude towards yoga practice. It was also revealed that a stream of study influences the attitude towards yoga practice
Yoga practice
Stream of the study
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