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Research Article | Volume 1 Issue 4 (July, 2020)
Undernutrition as a Predictor of Post-Operative Morbidity, An Institutional Study
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Nov. 30, 2020
Background and objective: In view of all the above , we at a tertiary care teaching hospital decided to evaluate the role of Body Mass Index as predictors of postoperative morbidity and mortality both in elective and emergency major surgeries. Materials and Methods: Descriptive Analytical Observational Study was conducted on164 patients chosen by Convenience sampling. Who had undergone laparotomy at the Father Medical College Hospital, , Mangalore who were admitted in any of the surgical departments during the period of October 2018 to October 2020 Details of cases were recorded including demography co-morbidities , blood transfusion post-operative complication ,mortality and BMI status. Data tabulation and statistical analysis to be employed: All data was analyzed using Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) for Windows, Version 23.0. Continuous variables were expressed as mean±SD.Percentages were used to express categorical variables. Results And Analysis: In the present study the most common age was 31-40 years with 40 cases ,24.39% followed by 41-50 years with 36 cases ,21.95%, 51-60 years with 32 cases ,19.51% , and 61-70 years with 20 cases ,12.20%, More than 70 years with 16 cases ,9.76% , and less than 20 years with 4 cases ,2.44%. The mean age was 43.06 years with SD 8.04 years. We had 62 cases, 37.80% were females and 102 cases ,62.20% were males. Co Morbidities were in 82.93%, the most common was Diabetes Mellitus in 68 cases, 41.46%, Hypertension in cases, 15.85% , COPD in 12 cases ,14.63% , IHD in 9 cases ,10.98%.
Post-Operative Morbidity
Body Mass Index
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