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Research Article | Volume 3 Issue 6 (November, 2022)
The Role of Organizational Ambidexterity in Achieving Strategic Creativity: Applied Study at the University of Tikrit
Under a Creative Commons license
Open Access
Nov. 30, 2022
This study aimed to identify the role of the Organizational ingenuity in achieving strategic innovation, as well as a degree statement Availability of organizational ingenuity in achieving strategic in novation At the University of Tikrit, the descriptive analytical method was used, and the study sample consisted of (145) Employees were randomly selected, and the questionnaire was used as a tool for the study, as the results of the research showed that the study sample members’ estimates about the role of Organizational ingenuity in achieving strategic in novation At the University of Tikrit, it came with a (high) score, and the results of the study revealed that the dimensions of the organizational ingenuity (Exploring opportunities, optimizing the use of resources, flexibility of the organizational structure) together have a statistically significant effect on Real strategic creativity, The study showed that After exploring opportunities. The most closely related and influential areas in Real strategic creativity, followed by After optimizing the resources, then Next comes the flexibility of the organizational structure. The study recommends Conducting scientific studies in the field of Organizational ingenuity in achieving strategic in novation. In order to achieve creativity in the field of Strategic thinking through which organizational ingenuity is achieved in all Iraqi universities, and The need to create specialized organizational units to explore opportunities that can be exploited, as well as to follow administrative practices that achieve optimal utilization of available resources
Organizational ambidexterity
Explore the opportunities
Optimum utilization of resources
Organizational structure flexibility
Strategic creativity.
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