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To make the next generation of active researchers, IARC fosters the advancement of research and development by supporting engineering workshops & Short Term Training courses to inspire young engineers, research scholars and students from different disciplines across the globe. A training workshop is a type of interactive training where participants carry out a number of training activities rather than passively listening to a lecture or presentation.

The discovery of new and innovative ideas, research, recent trends in the advancement and development of Engineering & Technology can be enhanced through specific training of junior researchers in the design and methodology of engineering workshops, courses, laboratory trials & protocols. Particularly interesting are those trials & protocols with a strong translational research component that further advances the understanding of new technologies in the field of engineering.

Carefully designed workshops, courses, laboratory trials allow the prioritisation of resources and funding. They also facilitate the selection and prospective development of Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Cities, Disaster Management, Embedded Systems, Fiber optic Communication, Nanoelectronics, VLSI workshops, courses and laboratory trials, necessary to increase the success and discovery of answers to strategically important questions.
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List of Workshops & Courses
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