Omer Allagabo Omer Mustafa

Assistant professor of Economics, Banking and Finance- Deputy Secretary of Academic Affairs.
Sudan Academy for Banking and Financial Sciences(SABF)-Khartoum, Sudan.

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Address Eljamaa
Khartoum, Khartoum
Sudan, P.O.BOX 1880

 Omer Allagabo Omer Mustafa is an Assistant Professor of Economics, Banking and Finance in Sudan Academy for Banking and Financial Sciences(SABFS-Sudan) also Deputy Secretary of Academic Affairs(SABFS-Sudan). He has completed his Ph.D., M.Sc. from University of Khartoum, Sudan and his B.Sc. from Sudan Academy for Banking and Financial Sciences, Sudan. He is an Editorial Board member of -Global Academic Journal of Economic and Business-UAE, International Journal of Economic Studies-Berlin, Germany, Journal of Banking and Financial Studies-Khartoum, Sudan. He is a member of Expert of Economics and Banking Studies-General Union of Arabs Experts (Morocco), Experts in Economics and Banks-Arab Planning Institute - Kuwait. His scientific research is published in USA, Kenya, Germany, UAE and Palestine.  

Publications & Papers

Does Credit Policy Enhance Islamic Commercial Banks Effectiveness in Economic Growth? Empirical Evidences from Sudan Economy (2000-2017), February 2019, Published by: Research Gate.  

Book: Alfatawa AL Shareyyah for Sudanese Banks, Published- on April, 2018- Book and Research Series (The Third Book-Arabic Version), Published by Center for Research, Publishing and Consultancy (CRPC), Sudan Academy for Banking & Financial Sciences, ISBN 978-99942-1-222-4.  

Book Review: “Basel II & III Accords-The International Measures of Bank′s Capital Adequacy Standard”, Journal of Banking and Financial Studies, Issue No25, 192-208, January 2015, ISBN 1858-5949, Published by Center for Research, Publishing and Consultancy (CRPC) -Sudan Academy for Banking & Financial Sciences.  

Efficiency of Agriculture and Water Sector and the Reality of Food Security in Arab Countries (2010-2017), Agriculture and Food Sciences Research, Vol. 7, No. 1, 1-6, 2020, ISSN(E) 2411-6653/ ISSN(P) 2411-6653.  

The Role of Banking Finance in Developing Housing in Sudan: Case study of Real Estate Commercial Bank (2011-2018). Accepted to publish on 30 August 2020 by Arab Journal of Sciences and Research Publishing, National Research Centre, Gaza, Palestine.  

Microfinance and its Role in Enhancement of Youth′s Production Projects, Experience of Sudanese Banks beyond Secession (2010-2017), February 2019, Published by CGAP.  

The Conflict between Liquidity and Profitability and its Impact on the Banking Finance, an Empirical Investigation from Sudan (2000-2018), Global Academic Journal of Economics and Business, 1(1),14-26, Oct 2019, ISSN 2706-9001(Print) 2707-2584 (Online), Published by Scholars Middle East Publishers, United Arab Emirate.  

- Assessment of the Financial Performance of Islamic Commercial Banks in Sudan under Credit Risk and Inflation Pressures (1995-2017), Journal of Islamic Banking and Finance, 7(1),14-26, June 2019, ISSN 2374-2666 (Print) 2374-2658 (Online), Published by American Research Institute for Policy Development, New York, USA.  

Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on Exchange Rates : The case of Sudan (2007-2009)Submitted to the University of Khartoum in Partial fulfillment of the requirement of Master Degree in Economics – Published- July 2011- Research  

External Debt and its Role in Deterioration of Sudan Economy (2000-2017), February 2019, Published by Research Gate.  

Real Effective Exchange Rate in Sudan, Measurement and Trend Analysis (1975-2017), East African Scholars Journal of Economics, Business and Management, 2(4),192-208, April 2019, ISSN 2617-4464(Print), ISSN 2617-7269 (Online). Published by East African Scholars Publisher, Kenya.  

Other Memberships

Member of the Editorial Board of Global Academic Journal of Economic and Business. Issued by Scholars Middle East Publishers, UAE. Online ISSN 2706-9001(Print) 2707-2584(Online)
Membership of General Union of Arab Experts – Morocco (Membership No. 20/2019), as Expert of Economics, Banking and Financial Studies. Online:
Registered as a Member of the Database of Arab Experts in Economics and Banks, Arab Planning Institute - Kuwait. Online:
Awarded the Certificate of Permanent Registration in The Permanent Register for Accountants at The Accounting and Auditing Profession Organization Council - (Membership No. AAPOC /RA- 5995) Ministry of Council of the Cabinet, Khartoum- Sudan.
Editorial Board of International Journal of Economic Studies. Issued by Democratic Arab Center, Berlin, Germany: Berlin. ISSN (Online) 2569-7366 Online
Member of the Advisory Board of the Dean of Sudan Academy for Banking and Financial Sciences-Khartoum, Sudan.

Awards and Conferences

Awards/Conferences Year
- Financial Policies to Enhance Agricultural Production in Sudan, this paper was prepared for presentation at the Sudan International Research Symposium on Food security and poverty alleviation under changing environmental conditions, organized by SABFS, some Sudanese Universities and University of Reading(UK) on December 12-14th, Khartoum, Sudan 2011
World Summet on Management Sciences- SciTech Central Conferences, Thaialnd, 2020
Awarded the Prize of Excellency for the Top Bachelor of Science Graduate in Banking and Financial Sciences-Sudan Academy for Banking and Financial Sciences, Khartoum, Sudan. 2004

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