Mohammad Ali Asaad

Iraq University College (IUC)

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Address Al-Iatiqlal
Basra, Basra
Iraq, 61004

 Dr. Mohammad Ali Asaad has started his higher education in Bachelor of Civil Engineering on construction and building materials in 2005 at Basra University. Then, I have earned my master’s degree on structure and materials in 2010; from the University Technology Malaysia (UTM). in March 2018, Dr. Mohammad Ali Asaad has graduated with a PhD degree in Civil Engineering from UTM as well. His PhD research on using Oil Palm leaves extract as green inhibitor for corrosion of steel reinforcement in concrete, with extensive research on the utilisation of green nanoparticles inhibitors to reduce the corrosion rate of mild steel in aggressive environments. This research has been won several awards during National and International Innovation Exhibition and best Technical Paper during International Conference on Durability of Building and Infrastructure, and he took opportunity to patent several products during that time. His research interest focuses on advanced concrete technology (green concrete technology), corrosion of steel reinforcement, green nanoparticles inhibitors, durability of concrete, encapsulating of green nanoparticles inhibitor, self-healing coating, construction and building materials and saving energy in construction materials. His biggest interest is to turn potential waste into civil engineering materials. Microstructural analysis under spectroscopy testing is part of his expertise and interest. He always involves his current research on materials with elements of microstructural analysis with a combination of material science and this is one of the strategies to get his article published. Currently, he is working as Senior Lecturer at Iraq University College (IUC)  

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