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IARC Organizes Conferences, Meetings, Summits and Workshops globally which help in enhancing the skills of the people and forms a common platform for eminent personalities, professionals, Researchers, Deans, and Academicians. IARC Journals are peer reviewed and collaborated journal aimed to publish the most interesting and complete reliable source of information on current developments in the field of Arts & Science, Management, Engineering & Technology.

IARC Publish research articles in the prominent open access Journals that promote and globalise peculiar innovation of researchers by publishing their scientific articles within the chronicles, journals and transactions of worldwide periodicals. This is an inventory of questionable, profound Open Access & Close Access Journals. We tend to suggest that research scholars browse the reviews, assessments and descriptions provided here, so decide for themselves whether or not they need to submit articles, function editors or on editorial boards
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IAR Journal of Medical Sciences
IAR Journal of Anaesthesiology and Critical Care
IAR Journal of Forensic Medicine and Anatomy
IAR Journal of Advances in Crop Science and Technology
IAR Journal of Agricultural Science and Food Research
IAR Journal of Agriculture Research and Life Sciences
IAR Journal of Business Management
IAR Journal of Clinical & Medical Biochemistry
IAR Journal of Clinical Research
IAR Journal of Engineering and Technology
IAR Journal of Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Design Thinking
IAR Journal of Health Care and Prevention
IAR Journal of Humanities and Cultural Studies
IAR Journal of Humanities and Social Science
IAR Journal of Medical Case Reports
IAR Journal of Medicine and Surgery Research
IAR Journal of Parasitology & Infectious Disease
IAR Journal of Pharmacy
IAR Journal of Tourism and Business Management
IAR-Medical Series
International Academic Journal of Advanced Practices in Nursing
International Academic Journal of Applied Bio-Medical Sciences
International Academic Journal of Education & Literature
International Academic Journal of Law
International Academic Journal of Nutrition & Food Sciences
International Academic Research Journal of Internal Medicine & Public Health
International Academic Research Journal of Surgery
Scientific Research Journal of Clinical and Medical Sciences
Scientific Research Journal of Review of Public Administration and Management
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