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  1. Review criteria

Manuscripts are evaluated according to the following criteria:

  1. Peer review mode

IARJHSS uses double-blind peer review, which means the identity of the peer reviewer is kept confidential, but the author’s identity is made known to the reviewer.

Every manuscript is typically read by two or more reviewers. But occasionally more reviewers' perspectives are requested. Peer reviewers are chosen based on their knowledge and capacity to offer excellent, helpful, and objective feedback. The editors may also consult with a statistical reviewer for research articles.

Nobody but the editorial team and peer reviewers should be made aware that a paper is being evaluated. Peer reviewers are expected to keep all information about the papers they read confidential, and they are not allowed to discuss a particular manuscript or its contents with anyone else without the editors of the journal's prior approval.

To raise the standard of the editing or peer-review procedures, data from submitted articles may be routinely gathered and examined. Identifying information is kept private. The Editorial Office has the last say in whether or not manuscripts are published.

  1. Provenance and peer review

IARJHSS is dedicated to open access. Articles that have undergone quick communication (fast-track review) or that have been commissioned will be published with an explanation of their provenance, including the commission or justification for the review's expedited nature (i.e., with or without external peer review). The reviews are carried out by the editors for publications that are published without external peer review (often non-research items, such as editorials, interviews, or other editorial elements).

  1. Transparent peer review

IARJHSS has established a transparent peer review method as an option for all manuscripts submitted starting on September 11, 2020, as part of a commitment to openness and accountability and to raise the level of transparency throughout our peer review process.

  1. Online review system

Our peer evaluations are carried out electronically using the online method, then go to Track Your Manuscript, to ensure the most easy and effective peer review process possible.

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