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Guidelines for Reviewers

IARJHSS seeks to benefit authors and the larger research community by making as much research accessible as possible, provided that it complies with our journal's strict guidelines for ethical conduct and research practises and is accepted after peer review.

  1. Peer review mode

IARJHSS uses double-blind peer review, which means:

  1. Transparent peer review

IARJHSS has adopted a transparent peer review method as an option for all manuscripts as part of a commitment to openness and accountability and to raise the level of transparency throughout our peer review process.

  1. The role of reviewers

We will send you an email and ask you to accept or refuse the invitation through our submission system if we require your assistance in evaluating a manuscript. We solicit reviewers' help in confirming that any research published in the IARJHSS have been carried out properly, are ethical and credible from a scientific standpoint, and have been reported in compliance with the necessary standards (e.g., the CARE guidelines for case reports).

Notifying the journal editor of any ethical issues they come across while reviewing submitted articles, such as any unethical treatment of animal or human subjects or any striking similarities between a manuscript under review and one that has already been published.

The Editorial Office is responsible for the final decision to accept or reject a manuscript, based on the reviewers' comments.

We value the opinions of our reviewers. We would be happy to hear from you if you have any thoughts you would want to share regarding a manuscript you have reviewed, our decision regarding it, or our review process in general.

  1. Recognition for reviewers

As a token of our gratitude for their assistance in enabling us to publish high-quality articles, we regularly award the best reviewer of each month and congratulate them on their accomplishments. 

  1. To become a reviewer

If you're interested in reviewing for our journal, send an email to the editorial office at editor@iarconsortium.org with a copy of your resume attached and a list of the kind of articles you're interested in reviewing.

  1. Guidance for peer reviewers

We are very grateful to all of the reviewers who have supported our journal so far.

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