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Authors’ responsibility

The authors of each manuscript are asked to confirm that:

1) They are responsible for all aspects of the work and ensure that any concerns regarding the accuracy or integrity of any part of the work are appropriately investigated and resolved;

2) They made a significant contribution to the work and approved the final version of the manuscript;

3) Their work complies with ethical standards;

4) They are accountable for all aspects of the work and have all required permissions to publish any results.

5) They have obtained all necessary permissions to publish any figures or tables in the manuscript, and assure that the authors will pay for Article Processing Charges (APC) if applicable.


Authorship criteria

We require authors to refer to the criteria recommended by IARC for defining authorship:




All persons listed as writers must fulfil all four requirements for authorship, and everyone who does so should be acknowledged as such. Recognizing those who helped but did not fulfil all four requirements is appropriate. All parties that are eligible for acknowledgement should provide the corresponding author with written consent before acknowledgment is made.

Author contributions

Only original, review, systematic, and meta-analytic articles are needed to have this part. It explains what each author contributed to the manuscript. Authorship credit ought to be determined by:

1) Substantial contributions to the conception and design of the study, the acquisition of the data, or the analysis and interpretation of the data;

2) Drafting the article or critically revising it for important intellectual content; and

3) The final approval of the final version to be published.

Authors should meet all three of these conditions.

Note: the acquisition of funding, collection of data, language editing, or general supervision of the research group alone do not constitute authorship.

The ‘Author contributions’ section should be presented as follows:

(I) Conception and design:

(II) Administrative support:

(III) Provision of study materials or patients:

(IV) Collection and assembly of data:

(V) Data analysis and interpretation:

(VI) Manuscript writing: All authors

(VII) Final approval of manuscript: All authors

Note: 1. With VI and VII, “All authors” is obligatory, while the other credits are case-based; 2. The ‘Author contributions’ section is not required when there is only one author.

Changes to authorship or contributor ship

All writers must give their consent before changing the authors' names or roles after the initial submission. This holds true for any insertions, deletions, author order changes, or various ways of attributing contributions. Any modification must be justified to the Editor. Any author or contributor may be contacted by the Editor to see if they have approved of any changes.

When disagreements among authors arise, IARCON follows the guidance of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE): https://publicationethics.org/guidance/Flowcharts

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