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Research Article | Volume 2 Issue 6 (November, 2021)
Effectiveness of Socialization of Candidates for Mayor of Denpasar in the Regional Head Election in 2020
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This study aims to explain the political communication carried out by candidate pairs and successful teams in the Regional Head Election in Denpasar City. This study uses a qualitative approach with observation data collection techniques, distributing questionnaires to the people of Denpasar City, and indepth interviews with key informants. Based on the results of this study, the informant stated that the socialization carried out by the candidate pair and the success team in the Denpasar City regional head election had been effective. However, some informants were of the opinion that the candidate pairs and the success team did not do much outreach to the wider community, except through meetings held during the campaign and socialization in the constituent circles and the neighborhood where the success team lived. Seeing the phenomenon of pragmatic society, it is recommended that communication and socialization activities carried out not only prioritize the interests of the candidate pair, but also pay attention to economic interests and community needs. For this reason, in every communication and socialization, so that the communicant can provide economic compensation in the form of distribution of attractive souvenirs, door prizes, or substitutes for transportation money in accordance with legal rules and the financial capacity of the communicant. This method looks and becomes more attractive, while they do not lose time and source of income from their work
Regional Head Election.
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